What is CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam and Reasons to Pass It

Why to choose CompTIA certification?

CompTIA is one of the leading IT vendors, that helps millions of people start or boost their career in IT. As CompTIA credentials are vendor neutral it’s a real advantage to build a career in any part of the world and the company that appeals you most. CompTIA not only certifies but also educates individuals that have passion for the IT sphere. As for the certifications issued by CompTIA, they cover a number of areas and check the foundational IT skills, networking skills, security skills among others.

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Why CompTIA Security+ certification is so popular?

Nowadays, people have confidence in the technology that they are using and its interconnection gives you a better result. Therefore, the demand increases for superior security measures and required the personal identification of individuals, as well as to keep their routine lives in a normal state. We can say that these are the few key causes why CompTIA entered the industry of Security and this is one of the genuine reasons why CompTIA Security+ exam is so much popular.

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What is CompTIA Security+ is all about

CompTIA Security+ exam will approve the thriving applicant has the experience and skills needed to install & configure systems to protect networks, applications, and devices and can do the threat analysis with proper mitigation procedures and can also play in risk reduction activities and serve with knowledge of relevant laws, policies, and regulations. The verified person will complete these tasks to maintain and help the origins of integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

General information about CompTIA SY0-401 & SY0-501

The previous version of CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 exam is confirmed to retired on 31 July 2018 and SY0-501 is already available from Oct. 2017. The expected retirement of SY0-501 will be announced around 3 years from the launching date. Still, note, that the applicants who have passed SY0-401 own valid credentials as well.

As per SY0-401, SY0-501 exam still have 90 multiple choice questions as well as the length (90 minutes) and passing score(750). The price for the exam is the same as $330. You are a perfect candidate if you have an experience of CompTIA Network+ and two years of practice in IT management with a protection focus.

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Skills you will learn with CompTIA Security+ SY0-501

Every exam or certification adds so many things to candidate’s life. Here are some of the skills you will learn once you clear CompTIA Security+ exam.

1. Threats and attacks: Identify different types of situations and know about discernment measurement and vulnerability scanning theories.

2. Tools & Technologies: Install, deploy, identify, and configure network elements while imposing and troubleshooting problems to help industry security.

3. Design & Architect: You will learn complete, reliable network design concepts and methods to find and fight with risk and more threats.

Plus, in addition you are developing your skills in risk management, cryptography, PKIand identity and access management.

Tips for passing CompTIA Security+ certification exam

1. Be Familiar with Security+ Domains (for latest edition SY0-501)

CompTIA Security+ exam has few domains and it is necessary to know each and every domain. These are –

  1. Technologies and Tools

  2. Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities

  3. Identity and Access Management

  4. Architecture and Design

  5. Cryptography and PKI

  6. Risk Management

First of all, create a domain list and review a single domain along with necessary elements. For instance – if we talk about network security so it has few points like – firewalls, IDS and so on. After that, collect all the study materials that suit your requirements. If you have any weak area and want to work out over the specific area, then start that first.

2. Make study plan

Now, if you know what you want to study, then it’s time to create a study plan. Be honest about your work and duties of life. Make sure that you have to schedule your study time in downtime. For instance – if you schedule or want to attend any technical seminar or brief description, then first you have to know the current trends of network security. It will help you to understand the seminar deeply. Or you can also study the trends before- after.

3. Start Practicing Exams

As we discussed above – it is an entry-level exam. Hence, most of the people are not familiar with the format and strategies of the test along with the time adjustment. If you take multiple time practice exams, then simply know each question will take how much time. As well as, understand overall exam technique.

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Once you know each and every domain area, then take full-length practice exams and ready for the original exam experience.

4. Get a lot of rest

It may seem like a useless advice, but believe me, it works really well. Before taking the exam, take plenty of rest which can refresh your brain and provide energy to deal with the pressure. Try to schedule your exam center close to your workplace or home. It will help to prevent the traffic and traveling. As well as, save the precious time.

Here are top 5 perks you can get if you clear CompTIA Security+ exam

1. Higher Salary

CompTIA Security+ exam cleared IT professional always gets higher salaries. The standard salary ranges for a system engineer between $42,100 – $95,800. This is one of the alluring reasons why people are getting attracted to CompTIA Security+ certification and giving their 100% to pass CompTIA Security+ exam.

2. Market Demands

The current market and it’s growing risks highly demand professional security person who can handle threats, operational security, and vulnerabilities, Data and application, access control, host security and identity management, and much more thing which are necessary for your system. Such CompTIA Security+ professionals are highly in demand nowadays. So, if you think this might be a great career opportunity for you then you must pass CompTIA Security+ exam.

3. CompTIA SECURITY+ is the Business Standard

CompTIA Security+ certification is universally recognized as one of the primary security certifications in the era of cybersecurity today. ANSI also approves the certification you are getting after completing CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 or already passed CompTIA Security+ SY0-401.

4. No Requirements or experience needed

The best thing you get if choose CompTIA certification is, you don’t need to have experienced while starting the career. Unlike several other cybersecurity exam and certification, Security+ does not have any conditions about requirements or practice. CompTIA does support applicants to have about two years of work background in the security and networking departments to improve the probability of being selected quickly and passing the exam.

5. Work Anywhere

One of the numerous essential benefits to pass CompTIA Security+ exam is the reality that it is known and accepted everywhere in the United States. So, you can now show your interest and pass this exam to get the security certification. CompTIA Security+ exam is a recognized credential across the world. The professionals of Information Technology that has this degree can work anywhere in the entire world. This exam has an acceptance and credit of world as the “Standard Credential” for the entry-level knowledge of network security.

Each IT proficient needs to have a worldwide acknowledgment and to have the capacity to work in any private and government industry in any nation. This is the thing that Security+ authentication ensures. Therefore, it has turned out to be so famous among IT understudies and experts over the globe.


CompTIA Security+ is such sort of exam that can simply enhance your value in the industry of cybersecurity. We mentioned all the necessary points in this article. Hope you will like and get the desired information related to CompTIA Security+ exam. Wish you to become the owner of one of the most prestigious certifications CompTIA Security+ easily!

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